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Market On The Upside??

According to CNN, the housing market is finally on the recovery side. With that said, prices are still extremely low and interest rates are as low as they’ve been in a long time. The next step in this recovery period is the unemployment issue. People aren’t buying houses if they don’t have jobs, therefore, if that issue is fixed perhaps the real estate market might be hopping once again. Foreclosures and Short Sales have recently dominated the market due to unemployment and the economy. Very simply, if people don’t have jobs, they can not pay their mortgages. The economy and our current situation may be a frustrating situation but don’t write off the market and look at the upside. There may be a lot of “ifs” and “buts”, but many people don’t want to be on the outside looking in when the prices return to normal.

Now Is The Time

Unfortunately there are many negative people in this world. There are countless pessimistic people that only look at the bad and find the faults in everything. Here at Myrtle Beach Real Estate we are the opposite. We love to look at the good in every situation and with this make the best out of everything thrown at us. This is a huge reason why we believe we are so successful. With a positive attitude the sky is the limit. The new marketing campaign we have created is called Now is the Time. Obviously the market is down and many people have turned there back on real estate BUT Myrtle Beach Real Estate being the optimistic family that we are made notice that the market demand may be down but the prices are unbelievable and the interest rates are as low as ever. One thing that sure doesn’t change with the economy is the beautiful weather and beaches of Myrtle Beach. Now is the time signifies that when others may be ragging on the current market, look at the amazing advantages of these low prices and low interest rates. Now is the time to get in there, and get that dream house or the secondary home that used to be unaffordable. Here at Myrtle Beach Real Estate, we will do everything in our power to help you find that home. Also with our experienced agents and great reputation, selling your home is also a tremendous strength of ours. So don’t let the market blues take you down, now is the time to make life a permanent vacation!