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Surfside Beach Foreclosures

Foreclosures have been very common over the past couple of years due to the economy, job market, housing market and many other factors. An extremely good sign for real estate owners or potential real estate owners in Surfside Beach is that as of October 2011, there are only 17 listed Surfside beach Foreclosures. At one time there were hundreds of foreclosures which made buyers very happy but in the end it they hurt the overall market. Many real estate owners have been hoping for a reduction in foreclosures which they hope in the end will mean a return of the housing market. Surfside Beach has had a reputation to hold it’s value rather well and the 17 foreclosures is another bright note.

Surfside Beach Homes For Sale

As of October 2011, there are 204 Surfside Beach homes for sale. The average price for a residential home in Surfside is $259,000. The amount of houses for sale at this moment might seem low with many sellers taking their listings off the market after the summer months. Many people believe that they can get higher values for their homes in the spring and summer than in the fall and winter. With that said, many of the homes that are for sale at this time of the year may be discounted by desperate sellers who would love to sell their houses before the winter. Winter is the slowest and worst time to have a house on the market and many sellers avoid it at all costs.

One Bedroom Condos

One type of Real Estate investment that has become much more popular is one bedroom condos. In the Grand Strand area there are currently 606 one bedroom condos listed with an average price of $104,249. Out of those 606, 418 of them are Myrtle Beach condos for sale. With the economy down, many vacationers have kept it cheap and simple by purchasing little one bedroom condos that they can escape to for short vacations or weekends. These condos also have been very easy to rent out through rental programs. Many of these condos are located in beautiful complexes with pools, lazy rivers, Jacuzzis, tiki bars and more. To own a place in the beautiful grand strand you don’t always have to go big, keep it small and simple.

Surfside Beach Real Estate

Surfside Beach has grown a lot over the recent years in population as well as popularity. Surfside Beach is known as the “Family Beach” and you will see a lot more cozy houses and condos rather than high rise hotels. This environment has made Surfside Beach Real Estate become a hot commodity. Another aspect that people seem to love about Surfside is the lack of traffic. Driving on 17 in Myrtle Beach can be a nightmare but Surfside (other than Glens Bay) is not know for much traffic. So if your interested in purchasing a house or condo in a beautiful laid back community, Surfside Beach is the place for you!