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Homes vs Condos in Myrtle Beach

As of May 2011, there are 4,016 active detached residential Myrtle Beach homes for sale. This incorporates all towns in the Myrtle Beach metro area. Since the start of 2011, 1,087 residential homes have been sold. The average sale price was $225,596 and the range was from $950 to $2,300,000. Surprisingly the amount of condominiums for sale as of May 2011 is extremely close to residential homes. Currently there are 4,008 condos for sale in the Myrtle Beach metro area and since January 1st, 1,129 condos have been sold with an average price of $135,517. Many think of the Myrtle Beach area as being high rise condos but as you can see the amount of residential houses is virtually the same as the amount of condos for sale and sold.

Author: Myrtle Beach Real Estate

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