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The Highways of Social Media

If you are somewhere between the ages of 14-28, social media is about as natural as tying your shoes. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are all part of a normal internet session where you check your statuses, pictures and videos. The crazy part about this “Fad”, is that it is actually NOT a “Fad”. Many companies and entrepreneurs use social media as a prime marketing medium. Obviously many business people and entrepreneurs aren’t between the ages of 14-28, but these older folks are taking classes, reading walkthroughs and teaching themselves how to use social media. Especially in a time of hardship in the economy, social media is free and can be very easy if knowledgeable of the subject.

Many people create a Facebook or Youtube for their business and after two weeks give up on it thinking they are getting no results. I like to explain social media in two ways. One being it is like Novocain. The results are not immediate but over time it will work slow and steady and get the job done. Two, creating a social media network is like designing a bunch of roads and highways that all lead to YOU. So if someone stumbles upon your Facebook, they may see your Youtube link, then your Twitter link, and then end up at your personal website. All these “Highways” should lead to you, your contact information, and/or personal website. It is FREE and EASY so what is everyone waiting for? Get out there and create your social highway!!

Author: Myrtle Beach Real Estate

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