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Myrtle Beach Foreclosures Still Available

There have been a substantial number of properties in foreclosure across the nation in recent years. In many areas these foreclosed properties were selling at steep discounts; sometimes as much as 50% off their appraised value.

Myrtle Beach foreclosuresIt is important to keep in mind that foreclosed homes are in the possession of banks and they need to be sold in order for the glut of foreclosed properties to decline. Buying up the foreclosed inventory can in turn help reinvigorate the market. There are quite a few properties listed as Myrtle Beach foreclosures where you can save a substantial amount of money.

Many homes that should have entered the market years ago are just now being put up for sale. Any sale in today’s market is a good sale and there are some great deals available. If you’d like to take a look at any of the Myrtle Beach foreclosures give us a call at 1-843-477-1777 .

The available steep foreclosure discounts are available in a wide range of markets, with a wide range of average home prices. Some markets have exceptional pricing, making affordability rates sky-high. Still other cities are seeing a huge portion of their sales being attributed to foreclosure or bank-owned properties.

This means that the opportunity for great deals is ripe. Home prices have bottomed out across most of the nation, but with today’s discounts investors can’t afford to wait any longer for prices to drop further unless they want to see their profits dwindle. In many areas foreclosed homes can be repaired and flipped for big profits. The bottom line is that now is a great time to buy both as a homeowner and as an investor. Wait much longer and you take your chances.

Myrtle Beach Short Sales

Myrtle Beach Short Sales
Myrtle Beach Short Sales

A recent freeze on foreclosures will cause an influx of Myrtle Beach Short Sales. Since May of 2011 foreclosures in South Carolina have been frozen due to the improper paperwork done by banks. What is a short sale your asking? A short sale is a sale of real estate in which the proceeds from selling the property will fall short of the balance of debts secured by liens against the property. The property owner of a short sale can’t afford to pay back the liens’ full amounts. Lien holders agree to release their lien on the real estate and accept lesser amount than owed on the debt. In short this simply means you can get the house you want at a cheaper price. Make sure to check out our Myrtle Beach Short Sales… Call us here at Myrtle Beach Real Estate 843-477-1777. We are open 7 days a week 24/7

Surfside Beach Foreclosures

Surfside Beach Foreclosures
Surfside Beach Foreclosures

Surfside beach real estate can best be appreciated by the folks who live in Surfside beach. Many of the Realtors who work for Myrtle beach real estate live in Surfside Beach! They also make it a point to play in Surfside Beach too—because it can’t all be about real estate…or can it? Surfside Beach, South Carolina offers any beach lover and nature lover the opportunity to step into what many of us refer to as “Mayberry” with an ocean. Those who own real estate in Surfside Beach, SC have the comfort of our own police department, fire department, and ambulance service. Those who own real estate in Surfside also know that we are a designated bird sanctuary—and even though many of us don’t like to follow rules, if you own real estate in Surfside Beach and you want to cut down a tree on your own property—you must ask permission first. Many trees are protected, and every home has to have a minimum number of trees in their yard –just for the birds who also call Surfside Beach, SC their home. Pretty cool huh? We have the ocean, the small town feel, and all kinds of nature. Why not become an owner of real estate in Surfside Beach? Call the experts at Myrtle Beach Real Estate today to set up your own private tour of homes for sale in Surfside Beach, SC.  843-477-1777. We work every day!

Buying Myrtle Beach Foreclosures

When you’re shopping for a home on a modest budget your best deal is going to be Myrtle Beach foreclosures. You get far more house for less money when you opt for purchasing a foreclosure and you won’t have to compromise your housing requirements either.
Myrtle Beach foreclosures
Myrtle Beach foreclosures are comprised of homes that are taken over by banks due to payment defaults by the previous owners on their housing loans. Once repossessed these houses are foreclosed and sold at highly discounted rates as they are a major liability to banks and other mortgage lenders.

Because they are good bargains, investing in Myrtle Beach foreclosures is considered to be one of the safest and wisest real estate purchases. Know what your needs are before you go looking at real estate and become familiar with the procedures involved in buying a foreclosed home.

It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on websites like ours that have the latest foreclosed properties available. Once you find properties that match your requirements compare the various features in order to zero in on the best property available that matches your needs. Make a thorough personal inspection of the property and neighborhood to be sure it’s where you’d be happy living. Once you’ve found the ideal property for you, make a fair estimation of the value of the property based on what it sold for in the past, what other properties like it sell for, etc., and then submit a reasonable offer to the bank.

Myrtle Beach Foreclosures

Myrtle Beach ForeclosuresMany home sellers have slashed the prices of their homes in an attempt to move them, but a large number of home buyers have found incredible deals on Myrtle Beach Foreclosures. There are certainly plenty of foreclosed properties in the surrounding area to choose from.

The exact amount that can be saved on the purchase of a foreclosure varies, but it is not unusual for a buyer to be able to save a significant amount of money. Given the low interest rates and the fact that a buyer can easily purchase a home for much less than what they would have paid just a few years ago, certainly seems to be all the motivation that some home buyers need. Prices are so low in some areas that more than one buyer has been able to purchase Myrtle Beach Foreclosures outright for cash while others have been able to make hefty down payments.

Give us a call and we’ll show you around the properties we have for sale today.