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Short Sales

A homeowner losing a home to foreclosure may be a very painful experience. A foreclosure can affect a person’s credit history and become a problem if they ever want to borrow money to own something again in the future. Most foreclosures tend to be the result from owner/owners losing their job, illness, divorce, accidents, and many other factors.

A foreclosure is the result of a lender taking the borrower’s house after they can no longer make mortgage payments. There are many types of foreclosure with the two most widely types being a judicial sale and a power of sale. A foreclosure by judicial sale is the sale of the property under order of a court. A foreclosure by power of sale is the process that involves the sale of the home without the court’s involvement

The mortgage lender and borrow can avoid foreclosure by attempting a negotiated sale of the property called a short sale. A short sale is a type of real estate sale where the homeowner can try and sell the property for less then the amount owed on the loan balance to avoid foreclosure. This type of sale requires approval from the bank or lender. The bank will consider this type of sale only if the sale cost will result in fewer costs than the home going into foreclosure. If the home goes into foreclosure, the bank acquires costs with the loss on the loan, plus the costs that accompany the vacant foreclosed home.

Myrtle Beach Short sales have many benefits and can be very profitable for a homebuyer. A potential buyer can negotiate a sale on a home for less than what the home is worth. The sale of the home must first be approved by all three parties; the bank, the homeowner, and homebuyer.

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