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Myrtle Beach Real Estate Market Update
Date Posted: 2013-06-10

Myrtle Beach Real Estate Market Update


Today we see the stock market hitting new highs and there seems to be no end to higher highs. The feds QE policy continues to be instrumental in keeping the low interest environment around. I believe this also has helped propel the stock market. This is great news for all investors with retirement accounts, public traded companies’, and real estate investors.

A new real estate investor has entered the residential real estate market all around the country and they are the hedge fund business.  Hedge funds have purchased billions of dollars of distressed homes and allocated billions of dollars more for additional investment.  No doubt, hedge fund actions are indeed a stamp of approval for the purchase of residential real estate.

Individual investors have not been left out and have been buying.  Thanks to lower real estate values, coupled with interest rates at historical lows, home ownership has never been more affordable.  The time is now to join many how have bought real estate.

For those who have a mortgage, they should take advantage of this low interest rate environment and refinance. The government also offers program’s for individuals to refinance.  Even those with a mortgage that is greater than the property value and those who are unable to make their payment, should consider refinancing.  All you have to do is contact the institution where you make your payment. 

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